Main advantage of Russian science always was its fundamental research in such areas as materials science, polymer science, solid state physics,  organic, inorganic chemistry and others. This very fundamentality allows synergy between basic research made in Russia and technological innovation done by LG companies.

It is this synergy which allows to make up to 30 R&D projects per year, initiated and managed by LG TCM. The fundamental basis allows Russian scientists to approach projects which are hardly possible in Europe or USA. Therefore main advantage, which LG TCM uses permanently is a large network of highly qualified Russian scientists.

The Center’s partners are almost all leading organizations of the Academy of Sciences, educational institutes and universities, various manufacturing companies and start-ups in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus. Among the main long-standing partners can be mentioned Moscow and Nizhny Novgorod State Universities, INEOS, LETI, IP NASU, BSUIR, Center for Materials Science BAS, Skolkovo Foundation and many others. Currently LGTCM is extending its operation into the countries of Eastern Europe and Baltic region.

During these years the LG TCM serves as a bridge between Russian and CIS scientific institutions, possessing basic knowledge and doing mainly fundamental science, and LG group companies, which possess a huge potential for technology commercialization.

As milestones on the way of connecting fundamental science and commercial companies two Joint Laboratories of LG and Moscow State University were founded by LG TCM. One of the Joint Laboratories is organized between LG Chem and MSU  in chemistry and materials research area in 2005 and the other with LG Electronics in sensors area in 2013.

LG Chem-MSU Joint Laboratory is headed by Vice-Rector of MSU Academician Alexei Khokhlov and more than 20 different project were accomplished during 9 years of its operation, bringing 7 patents, a number of scientific papers and 2 real technology implementations.

The important role is given to the organization of regular technological fairs aimed at presenting and discussing various ideas and solutions for top managers and technical specialists of various LG branch companies. Such events are held 10-15 times annually. Also daily communication with Korean engineers and managers is of great importance. LG TCM also organizes visits of particular specialists to Korea to discuss current projects and future problems, deliver seminars and consultations.

The concept of LG TCM’s operation has undergone changes over time depending on LG corporation business model, global market trends and ideology of LG products development and improvement. From information sharing and trivial outsourcing at the earlier stage LGTCM had to move to the open innovation strategy, based on the principle of «collaborate and innovate» and incubation of emerging technologies. Also whereas at early stages LG TCM was just an information provider, now it not only initiates up to 30 projects per year but also manages them.

Open innovation strategy presumes the synergy between the activity of commercial companies, targeted at commercialization of developed products, and the scientific research activity of universities, institutes and  start-ups. The concept of open innovation implies a reasonable division of the whole process of development and commercialization, where LG and scientific organizations complement each other. LG TCM operates in the spirit of open innovation, and cooperation with scientific organizations is mutually beneficial and fruitful for all cooperation participants.

By using open innovation strategy LG TCM serves as a bridge between today’s science and technology of tomorrow.