LG Innotek

LG Innotek

LG Innotek's electronic components can be found in almost all areas of the digital world, for instance in mobile phones or in digital photo- and video cameras. LG Innotek's circuit boards are one of the most powerful in the world, especially regarding miniaturisation. Frequently, you find on these boards LG Innotek's ultrafine lead frames which guarantee a high-performant connection between the circuit board and the semiconductor-chip. This capability, the production of ultra-fine structures, can also be found in LG Innotek's shadow-masks which are used for the production of display- and semiconductor components.

LG Innotek is an innovator in the area of hightech electrical components. Apart from the above mentioned circuit boards, lead frames, and shadow-mask, following further components are worth to mention:

Components for mobile phones
From vibration drives, which makes your mobile vibrating, up to complete camera units, you will find a wide variety of LG Innotek's components possibly even in your mobile phone. Further components such as tuners, LCD-units, duplexers, front-end-modules, or power amplifier modules can be named.

Display components
No matter whether LCD or plasma displays, countless electronic components are necessary to bring a picture to a display. And LG Innotek does not only supply its sister company LG Display. Many further prestigious flat-screen manufacturers buy their components from LG Innotek. An extract from our product portfolio: IPM's (Intelligent Power Modules), PSU's (Power Supply Units), DC-DC-Converters, MCM's (Multi-Chip Modules), or LIPS (LCD Inverter Power Supply).

Network components
Nowadays, nearly all laptops have a WLAN or Bluetooth modul. Wireless modems are state of the art. Components which numerous PC/Notebook/Laptop producers are buying from LG Innotek. Likewise stepper and mandrel motors which bring the CD's/DVD's/Blue-rays in rotation.




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