LG Electronics

Life's Good with LG Electronics

LG Electronics, Inc. is one of the worldwide leading companies for electronic, information, and communication products. LG Electronics employs more than 87'000 persons in 96 subsidiaries around the globe and is the worldwide largest manufacturer considering CDMA-mobile phones, air-conditioning, optical drives, DVD-player, front-loader washing machines, flat-TVs, and home cinema systems. In the last year, LG Electronics achieved a total revenue of 54 billion US-Dollars. Since 2006, LG Electronics holds a firm position in BusinessWeek and Interbrand's list of the top 100 most valuables brands.

Digital Display & Media

LCD TV's, Plasma TV's, Monitors, Blu-ray Players, DVD-ROM drives/burners, CD-ROM drives/burners, notebooks, VCR's, DVD-Players/recorders, HiFi and Home Theater Systems, Car Infotainment

Digital Appliance

Air-conditioning, refrigerators, micro-waves, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, compressors for HVAC and refrigerators

Mobile Communication

CDMA-devices, GSM-devices, 3G(UMTS)-devices, mobil communcation accessories

Besides manufacturing locations in Korea and China, LG Electronics made significant investments in the CIS region, too. In 1997, LG Electronics opened its first CIS production location in Kazakhstan, then in 2006 its manufacturing site in Russia. And LG Electronics hopes to expand its CIS activities further into the area of joint-development projects together with potential partners from the CIS (please, see also Open Innovation).


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