LG Chem

LG Chem, the roots of the LG Group

In 1947, eleven years before LG has started its electronic business, Dr. Yoo set the cornerstone of the LG Group with the foundation of the chemical company Lucky Chemicals. Today, LG's chemical branch operates under the name LG Chem and distinguishes two main business areas:

Information Technology & Electronic Materials

Chemicals & Polymers.


In Korea, LG Chem is the largest company of the chemical industry. Significantly thanks to its own research and development centre in Daejeon, which employs around 1'000 scientists. But also thanks to countless cooperations with external companies in the sense of Open Innovation.

Information Technology & Electronic Materials

Mobile Energy

In 1999, LG Chem started with the first mass-production of lithium-batteries in Korea. In 2006, LG Chem was the fourth largest manufacturer worldwide. With countless first-to-market elements, LG Chem is one of the technology leader in this area. From laptops to electrical vehicles, you find LG Chems lithium-ion-polymer batteries in numerous products of your daily life.

Optical Materials

LG Chem's research and development achievements made us a supplier of first choice for polarisers and PDP-filters for almost all prestigious manufacturers of LCD- and Plasma flat screens. Furthermore, you will find in LG Chem's portfolio many products for the production of printed circuit boards, such as copper-clad laminates.

Electronic Materials

Besides photoresists, strippers, and toner for copiers and printers, organic light emitting diods (OLEDs) have our special attention. LG's OLED-technology makes flat-screens with extremly low power consumption reality.

Chemicals and Polymers

Within the business area Chemicals and Polymers LG Chem produces countless feedstocks for the chemical as well as the plastic industry:

  • Polyolefins
  • Rubber
  • Special polymers
  • PVC
  • ABS and EP
  • Acrylates
  • Plasticizer


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